VCH Gloucestershire Academy / Volume 15 / Cheltenham 1945-2020

Cheltenham 1945-2020
Draft Texts

View of Cheltenham from Eagle Star House, late 1970s

In the first three post-war decades Cheltenham's development was hampered by resistance to the expansion of its borders and its failure to free itself from county council control. The arrival of GCHQ in the 1950s increased the level of professional employment in the town. In subsequent decades a number of businesses relocated to the town. The built environment of the historic centre was one of the town's attractions, but its maintenance created a number of demands. During this period Cheltenham developed as a Festival Town, hosting an annual music festival from 1945 and subsequently developing the literature festival.

From 1974 Cheltenham acquired greater autonomy, but its development continued to emphasise the importance of the town's built and natural environment and of its social and intellectual life.

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